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Elevate Your Life in Style

We’ve been there. We understand.

Perhaps you are feeling…

  • Unsure of your personal best colors and how to color coordinate like a pro.
  • Stuck in a style rut – you feel you’ve lost sense of your personal style, or you want to elevate your image but not sure where to start.
  • Frustrated while shopping and getting dressed – you feel like nothing looks right on you. You don’t know which styles and silhouettes are best for you.
  • Like you have a full closet but nothing to wear…

¬†Perhaps you just feel you’ve lost your sparkle.¬†

We are here to coach you on your personal style journey.

Your newfound confidence and knowledge will trickle into every aspect of your life. Not only will you elevate your style, but you will elevate your life.


Hey there! We’re…

Brenda Rose & Kyla Rose

Certified Image Consultants, Co-Founders of Rose Transformations and a Mother-Daughter Duo! We are passionate about helping women bloom in confidence and to their full potential through color and style. Our approach to your transformation includes the proper knowledge and tools for you to maintain your image and act as your own personal stylist after working with us.

Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way. While we all have our thorns, we also all have our rose…our good thing!

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Color Analysis

Discover your WOW colors! Gain a clear understanding of your personal best colors for your wardrobe, hair and makeup. With our unique color analysis system, you will be provided a custom color palette that is made just for you.

Body Shape + Style Analysis

Build an understanding of the styles and silhouettes that will make you feel the most confident. Bring your authentic self to surface through your personal style and feel empowered to do so in a way that works with your lifestyle.

Full Rose Transformation

Color Analysis, Body Shape + Style, plus a Shop My Closet session. With this package, you will get it all. You will feel and see a transformation inside and out when you are finished working with us.

Why work with

Rose Transformations

You will have two sets of trained eyes.

Brenda and Kyla are both Certified Image Consultants. We work together as a team and we ensure you are provided with the best information.

We use a custom approach for color and style.

Every woman is unique. Even two women with the same body shape or the same color season will differ. This is why we provide custom color palettes and custom body shape and style reports. You will be provided with your personal best, not thrown generic information.

You are provided with the right tools and knowledge to be your own personal stylist.

We give you exactly what you need to make shopping and getting dressed easier. Your personal color wheel, reports, and knowledge from our sessions will guide you.

Feel empowered and confident.

We will be your cheerleaders as you discover and implement your newfound knowledge. It’s important to us that women feel confident and transform their mindset into seeing their true beauty.

"...I've even been modifying my hair color to match my warm tones and I'm shocked at how much healthy color my face has now."


"Picking the right clothes and makeup has never felt easy for me, but after one session with Rose Transformations, I've never been more excited to get dressed everyday!"


"...It has made shopping easier and I find I spend less money because I'm no longer buying things that don't suit me. They make you feel beautiful and every girl deserves to feel that!"


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Brenda Rose & Kyla Rose

Certified Image Consultants based in Cincinnati, OH.

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